Get your documents attested professionally

First of all, let’s discuss what degree certificate attestation is and what the requirements are. Degree certificate attestation for UAE is basically the process that involves witnessing a certificate of a degree by an authorized person, group or department with their official stamp and seal. The attestation confirms that the degree acquired by the eligible individual is original and has been issued by the specific department. The stamp and signature confirm the authenticity of the degree.

Attestation of degree certificate is required because it authenticates that you have taken up the specific program and completed it. it is a requirement of the companies where you apply to work so that they can be sure of your degree as falsification of degrees is a crime that is heavily punishable. An attestation stamp and signature assures that the degree is not falsified and it is genuine. Proper authentication of degrees is a vital requirement for normal proceedings in Dubai whether you are applying for a job or admission in an educational institute in Dubai. It is also advisable to get your degrees attested if you are relocating to a different country.

The first step is to get your degree authenticated by the respective education department such as HRD/ GAD/ RAC by yourself and then the degree certificate will be authenticated by the UAE embassy. You have to take your documents to the embassy or consulate of UAE in your country and the embassy will verify them based on your record. If you are already in the UAE, you can follow through with the following process to get your degree certificate attested. Go to the Dubai courts notary public and take a token to meet the notary who will verify your degree certificate. You have to bring two original documents and all of the other supporting documents to submit to the ministry of foreign affairs in Bur Dubai.

The documents required to go through this process are original authenticated degree certificates and copies of the passport of the degree holder. The process usually takes seven to ten working days to complete, depending upon the circumstances on the department.

The process of attestation can vary depending upon the nature of your documents so it is advised that you know all the steps of the process before hand to avoid any difficulty and confusion. See here now for more details.