Which are the best nutrients to intake for lunch?

Have you ever felt full at the moment after eating lunch but soon you felt the pangs of hunger that doesn’t seem to go away? This happens because you don’t eat the right kind of nutrients in lunch which makes you full at the moment but soon that energy drains down making you hungry again. These carbohydrates doesn’t fuel you properly and thus don’t last long. Here’s healthy lunch in Dubai habits that you should opt for:

  • Protein

Protein is one of those foods which take longer time to digest yet a very important food for body. It is a smarter way to incorporate it in your lunch so that through the hustle of all day long, you can digest it and stay fuller for longer periods of time.

Options: There is different protein rich foods that can be a good option for lunch such as salmon, chicken and fish which also contains omega 3 and fatty acids.

  • Dairy

Milk is not everyone’s pick even when it offers so much for the body. Don’t aim for fizzy drinks but instead choose low fat dairy options that are good for your body and do not contain the threat of making you fat.

Options: low fat dairy options are available at healthy food restaurants Dubai where you can simply choose a sandwich with low fat cheese and enjoy it in your lunch break properly.

  • Fruits

Such an obvious choice for lunch, dinner and snack is fruit. You can have fruit bowls and eat them here and there even if you are busy and engrossed in your lunch time with loads of work; fruits are a perfect food to munch on. Obviously we can’t ignore the great benefits fruits possess.

Options: seasonal fruits are the perfect choice such as mangoes and watermelons, oranges and pears, apples and bananas. You can have them separately or prepare a fruit bowl or somehow try to insert it in your daily snacks.

There are so many options that you can opt for instead of simply dialing for fast food delivery which may be a cheaper and convenient option but for the sake of your body’s health please incorporate healthier options because if you serve your body right now, it will help you in future.