There are several factors which may increase the risk of getting diabetes most of the times people think that it is either due to genetic issues or due to high consumption of artificial sugars. But there are many other reasons behind this disease. Now children are also getting high ratio of this disease according to the pediatric neurosurgeon Dubai. There are many clinics form which diabetes Clinic Dubai which is operating to give awareness to the public through different campaigns. They will start these campaigns in colleges and also in schools to help children. Following are some factors to aware people, if you are facing any one of these then you have to consult your doctor:

Wight loss: If you are facing sudden weight loss without any change on your diet then you need to be worried about your situation and you have to consult your doctor. People with heavy weight and especially women will feel happy when they lose their weight but it is not a thing to be happy. You need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Fever and body cramps: If you are getting fever on and off and it gets higher and lower down without taking medications or if you feel cramps in your body without doing any great effort then you have to consult your doctor. If you do not go to the doctor then the situation will get worse. If you go to a good doctor in the beginning and get examined totally then you will get to know about your diabetes at the very early stage. In this way you will be better able to control your diabetes and live a good life.

Toothache: Another factor to know about early stage of diabetes is the toothache. Although toothache will also be due to many other reasons but diabetes is the main factor especially when you are in your young age. With the increased number in age you will get many other problems too which are often due to the factor of age but diabetes can come with the early age due to genes or high consumption of fast food and sugars. You have to avoid all these things from the start and you should also force your children to avoid all these sugary things.